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The use of colloidal electrolyte in the battery has changed the defects of liquid electrolyte used in traditional batteries, such as easy leakage and drying, and increased the service life. The gel formed by mixing silica sol and sulfuric acid has the advantages of easy filling into the electrolytic cell and no cracking.
Application of S-GRJ nanometer colloidal silicon in colloidal battery
Colloidal lead-acid battery has developed rapidly in recent years. It has the outstanding advantages of small discharge, uniform electrolyte concentration, shock vibration, good reliability and long service life.
As a gel agent, nano colloidal silicon is being widely used as a gel agent of sulfuric acid in the development of colloidal batteries.
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S-GRJ nano colloidal silicon dispersion is used to gel sulfuric acid, which can obtain a solid electrolyte in the battery. Without pre-treatment before filling, the electrolyte is directly added to the acid. The resulting electrolyte has low viscosity, convenient filling, controllable gel time and gel strength, and no stratification of gel.
Formula and application guidance
Water-based colloidal silica nanoparticles are easily miscible with sulfuric acid of the required concentration. S-GRJ and sulfuric acid can be directly filled into the battery after being fully stirred. However, colloidal silicon mixed with sulfuric acid must be used up in a short time, because its stability will soon fail.
In the range of sulfuric acid concentration of 35% - 40%, adding 6-10% of the total mass of nano silicon (calculated as SiO2%), you can get a gel with sufficient strength, in which the gelling time is 10-30 minutes.
Take a small amount of sulfuric acid of known concentration and put it into a 250ml beaker. Add quantitative nano colloidal silicon while stirring. After 10 seconds of mixing, let it stand and start timing until a solid gel is obtained, that is, it does not flow out of the inverted beaker. At the same time, a lead bullet can fall freely from a specified height, and its strength can be measured by measuring its embeddedness after standing for 24 hours.
Increasing the percentage of SiO2% will shorten the gel time and increase the strength of the gel. At the same time, the gelling time will be doubled for every 10 ℃ increase in temperature, and doubled for every 10 ℃ decrease in temperature.

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