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As a decorative and functional material, paint is widely used in metal, building materials, wood and other substrates. Silica sol can be mixed with traditional polymer materials to obtain a more solid thin layer and more unique performance.
A hard film coating can be obtained by mixing silica sol with organic copolymer latex.
The surface of silica sol particles can be organically modified, which can be used with organic composite materials to form the inorganic - organic composite materials that are currently the focus of research, and used in the new material industry.
It is used for floor wax emulsion. After adding silica sol, the coating can have anti-skid and stain resistance properties and maintain a more lasting luster.
Water-based coatings used for iron-based protection, and water-based coatings mixed with silica sol and zinc powder, are a new generation of environmentally friendly inorganic coatings. At the same time, silica sol can also be used as inorganic binder in wood paint and wall coating.

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